20 Best Hong Kong Dishes of 2012

Happy New Year!

We’re starting it in the most delicious way possible, by showcasing the latest blog post from Janice Leung, Little Adventures in Hong Kong’s awesomely multi-talented senior associate (her blog is called e_ting the world and yes, you should bookmark it now!) Janice, who many of you have already met on our private food walks, knows everything about Hong Kong’s food scene–mainly because not a day goes by when she isn’t exploring some new restaurant, checking out some classic old noodle shop, tasting a new dish at a five star hotel.  Now she’s come up with her personal selection of Hong Kong’s 20 Best Dishes of 2012. If you’ve come out on our Won-Ton-A-Thon, you’ll recognize some of your favorites here…the yummy roast goose from Yat Lok, and the perfect BBQ pork buns from Fu Sing, about which Janice says: “You think chocolate covered bacon is awesome….have some of these, and we’ll talk!”

If you’re coming to Hong Kong, and want to sample some of these 20 Favorite Dishes of 2012 in person (and maybe get a jump on some of our favorite dishes of 2013, too), it’s easy: just email us here at Little Adventures, and we’ll start planning your private foodie adventure in Hong Kong right away.

We wish all of you, clients past and clients to come, a happy and scrumptious 2013!