A Hong Kong Christmas

It’s a great time of year to be walking in Hong Kong. We do Christmas here in a big way. Trees, lights, tinsel. Choirs sing carols in the malls. The supermarket muzak in Park & Shop has got “Jingle Bells” on continuous loop. My building’s door lady has taken to wearing a pair of antlers. And down on Ladder Street, the vendors are cleaning up with the Santa suits.


Our snow may be fake, but our warmth is jan-jing— that’s Cantonese for the real deal. We’re even roasting chestnuts–not over an open fire, but in huge black woks on streetcorners. (We’re roasting purple yams on the street, too–that’s not exactly traditional Christmas fare, but, hey, they’re really tasty!)

Perhaps you are running around now, elbowing through the Christmas crowds, fretting about the gift you need to choose for a certain special–but picky– someone.

May we make a suggestion? Why not give Hong Kong for Christmas.

That is to say, why not give that hard-to-please person a Little Adventure in Hong Kong? We will be happy to wrap up one of our special, personally-hosted 3 hour walking, food and cultural tours for you in a bright red bow.


And if you book now, we’ll throw in a bag of those wonderful Hong Kong roasted chestnuts, too.

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Happy holidays from Hong Kong!