We love our city. We love walking and getting lost in new places. Oh, and we love to eat.  Here’s how our passions became a company.


About our Little Adventure in Hong Kong

I realized I could create a business helping other people do what it had taken me years of experience as a writer to learn: Figure out the city. Understand its culture. Discover real Hong Kong food.

The inspiration

It started with emails from friends. And then friends of friends. The emails always began the same way: “Hi! My best friend (or, “my sister”, “my cousin” “my brother-in-law’s boss”) is coming to (moving to) Hong Kong. Can you help?”


Our founder, award winning journalist and travel writer Daisann McLane, always said: “Yes”. She had reaped the benefits of so much good stranger-in-town karma during her 6 years roaming the globe as the New York Times’ “Frugal Traveler” columnist. And she knew how different–and how much better!–any city experience can be when you are being introduced around by a savvy local, instead of casting about on your own.


On those early walks with friends, acquaintances and strangers (many of whom became friends!) the writer discovered an exciting new way to share and to tell stories about the city she loves–and a whole new creative platform.

In 2009 I slapped up a funky little website, a blog really, filled it with street photos I'd taken and stories about cool things I'd learned and discovered during 8 years living in Hong Kong and studying Cantonese, and invited people to come and walk and eat with me. I must be honest: I was not envisioning Little Adventures as a business. Not at all. I figured I'd connect with 1 or 2 people a month, quirky food lovers like myself, expats and assorted people passing through town. Little did I know how much pent up demand there was for a real Hong Kong experience, with authentic food.
 Fast forward 10 years
Team Members at Hong Kong Restaurant

Today we are Team LAHK. Five of Hong Kong’s top media professionals. An extraordinary collection of talented writers, journalists, professionals and even a Cordon Bleu chef. All of us are united by our passion for Hong Kong–we have a total of more than 100 years living in the city. We are proud of all the resources and local intelligence we can place at our clients’ disposal.

What we do

We give you a living seminar on our city– its culture, its society and current events, and most of all to its jewel: our local cuisine. Our private Hong Kong walks and food experiences take you to a hidden, delicious Hong Kong that might otherwise take you months or years to find on your own. Our local intelligence orientation  programmes give executives and expats the cultural fluency they need to thrive in the city’s business environment and fully enjoy its lifestyle. And our Guided Dining service for foodies and culinary professional programmes for the food industry give chefs, restaurant owners, consultants and serious food lovers a fast-track seminar in culinary Hong Kong.

If I had to put a label on it, I'd say that our company provides Local Intelligence. Whether you've come for business, or pleasure, whether you live here or are just passing through, we'll give you the tools you need to get the most out of Hong Kong--and feel (and taste!) the wonder of the place. We straddle the functions of a super-hip private concierge, an expat orientation service, and a restaurant/dining consultancy.

Sustainable Practices

Our high level of personal attention, expertise and professionalism is matched by our commitment to a sustainable Hong Kong. We believe in doing business in a way that supports our local preservation and heritage movements, our local artesanal food producers and farmers (yes, Hong Kong has farms!), and our local shops and merchants. So we’ve built connections and brand partnerships with local businesses who make real handmade Hong Kong food, partnerships with made-in-Hong Kong fashion and home designers, with restaurants and hotels that have local Hong Kong in their DNA.


Small is Good


Most importantly for our neighbors AND for our clients: We limit most of our private programs to a maximum of 3 persons, so that our presence will not adversely impact our neighbors and the marvelous old neighborhoods we love. We wouldn’t want you to have anything less than the best possible experience of the real Hong Kong.

We’d love to meet you in Hong Kong. To start your own Little Adventure, contact us today