Anthony Bourdain’s Little Adventure in Hong Kong

The new episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown that we have all been waiting for is here: Hong Kong. Last January, Bourdain and his crew came to our city for a week-long blitz of eating, food and culture. Now his experiences are here for everyone to see, in the latest edition of his hugely popular CNN show.


Beautifully photographed by Christopher Doyle, Wong Kar Wai’s former cinematographer, the show features interviews with some unforgettable Hong Kong characters, ranging from a cool old umbrella maker, to a contemporary feng shui master, from a punk rock band, to our fabled young Hong Kong chef May Chow. Ever since we worked on his Hong Kong launch in 2013 for CNN, we’ve been a big fan of Bourdain’s show. This Hong Kong episode is definitely one of his best.


Okay, brag time: We are thrilled that our team members Johannes Pong and Daniel Cheung had the opportunity to give some terrific tips on the best local food and drink haunts to Anthony in person while he was here!


Many of our guests come to us asking if they can do Hong Kong “like Anthony Bourdain”. Of course we can. And since we live here, and are rooted here 24/7, we know all the latest and best places to eat dim sum, wonton noodles, little egg waffles and roasted meats. So we can actually help you do Hong Kong better than the estimable globetrotting host. (And if you need any proof of that, have a look at LAHK team member Charmaine Mok’s terrific article for the CNN Parts Unknown website, on spending a perfect day in Hong Kong. Charmaine’s picks of traditional food, tea and activities go even deeper and further than Bourdain is able to do on his short blast visits!)


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