The Hong Kong weather right now is clear and breezy--perfect for a Little Adventure from Shau Kei Wan to Shek O. We start in the terrific Shau Kei Wan market, and explore the small shops and 100 year old temples along the main street. The road leads right to the old typhoon shelter on the waterfront--where pirates once hid out.
Next time we go I'm going to see about hitching a ride home on one of these local boats! The best yu daan ho fan I have ever tasted is made right here in Shau Kei Wan. Yesterday, we tried it garnished with some crunchy and delicious fried fish skin (ja yu pei) on top--super yummy! Yvonne and Mike, from London, were terrific companions for the afternoon. We hopped on a red minibus from Shau Kei Wan to Big Wave Bay, a cool little village that is also the home to Hong Kong's weekend surfer dudes. We climbed up the path to a terrific view of rocks and the bay at sunset, then prowled around the little village. Last stop was Shek O, at the end of the peninsula, where a wide, sandy beach attracts the Sunday crowds for--what else?--BBQ parties (in Hong Kong, eating is always more popular than swimming!). But we didn't linger on the beach. Instead we followed the secret path behind the Art Deco Shek O bus station, wound our way past the basketball courts and through the hole-in-the-wall to emerge at the best bar in Hong Kong:

By popular demand, Little Adventures in Hong Kong has created a unique new food and walking experience: Won Ton-a-Thon!  

What is a Won Ton-a-thon? It's the most unique food challenge in Hong Kong: a marathon, epic foodie quest to eat the best won ton noodles in Hong Kong! And it's only at Little Adventures in Hong Kong. ...