Little Adventures team with Anthony Bourdain

Bourdain: Love and Farewell from Little Adventures in Hong Kong

We’ve spent the last few days stunned and speechless. Anthony Bourdain meant a lot to Team LAHK in so many ways. Our team members Johannes and Daniel were eating and drinking with him just a few months ago, when he came to Hong Kong.

Of course we were fans. It seems like only yesterday we worked on the launch of his show, Parts Unknown, in Hong Kong. We were thrilled to help with that, because in a very real way Bourdain helped launch us too. Because of Bourdain’s outspoken enthusiasm for our city and its food, people from all over the world came to Hong Kong to eat. That was, and is an enormous gift to our business. We owe a great deal to Bourdain’s open heart and generosity. We intend to carry his spirit forward in our work every day.

Anthony Bourdain loved Hong Kong as we do. And we love him for that. We bid him farewell as he sails peacefully into the starlight on the eternal Star Ferry.