Just as we were running out to eat dim sum today, we got word that "Ghosts of Hong Kong"--our March, 2011 National Geographic Traveler article about walking the back streets of Hong Kong--was awarded a Gold Prize in the annual competition of the Society of American Travel Journalists. It's always great to win a prize, but we're especially happy about this one, since this article is based on one of the most popular walking tours we give to our guests, around the back streets of Central Hong Kong.

Yesterday, 1:30pm, on Lyndhurst Terrace I see a guy pushing a cart. On the cart are two huge roast suckling pigs.  
  He's holding the cart steady with one hand, waving his other arm out in the air at the passing traffic. "You mean you're going to take the pigs in the taxi"? I said to the guy in Cantonese, a little shocked.

In our endless quest to discover the most interesting, unsung attractions of our favorite city for our personally hosted Hong Kong walks, we often find ourselves pausing to admire the vast landscape of consumable commodities which surrounds, indeed threatens to devour us, with its variety and plentitude. Yeah, we like to go shopping. Not just any shopping, though. I am always on the alert for things to buy that have local flavor, that are Made in Hong Kong. Things that have some connection to this place, and this culture. Even though Hong Kong is a much touted "Shoppers Paradise", that's not always easy. Hong Kong is awash in designer brands and luxury items, but the everyday local treasures aren't always visible at first glance. That's why I've compiled my own lists of shops and stores that "think locally." Some you may already have heard of, like the terrific hip housewares and lifestyle store G.O.D.   These guys...