Expand your knowledge of our Hong Kong culinary culture, get new tools for your kit, and be dazzled by the amazing flavors, techniques and ingredients of Cantonese cuisine.

Culinary Walking Tours for Professionals

tea_master_culinary_prosYou’ve come to the right place. Little Adventures in Hong Kong is the only service in Hong Kong that offers custom programs specifically designed for culinary professionals. We are the first choice of top chefs, restaurant owners, and food scientists and marketing developers from the world’s leading ingredient industry companies. (And if you are a serious foodie or home cook, these programs may fit you perfectly, too.)


Recognized by Hong Kong’s Invest HK


Invest HK, Hong Kong’s economic development office, has recognized us as a key service provider connecting international chefs and global industry people with Hong Kong’s famed food culture and its dynamic food and beverage industry.

If you are a chef, a food writer, a mixologist, restaurant consultant, cookbook author, investor or simply a seasoned and serious food lover looking for the most informed immersion into Chinese cuisine possible, we’ll plan your professional visit and maximise your time spent with an itinerary designed just for you.

Our programmes in this category are completely tailored to your specific needs. Tell us your goals, and we’re on it!


For Chefs and Connoisseurs:


Want to learn as much as you can about Cantonese and Chinese cuisine traditions in a concentrated amount of time? We’ll create a custom designed plan, across one, two or three days. Your tailor-made food journey will take you from the best small holes in the wall serving succulent roast meats, perfectly toothsome noodles, to lunches and dinners at our handpicked selection of extraordinary Hong Kong Cantonese and Chinese restaurants.


Modern Cantonese Fine Dining


Some of these restaurants will be traditional old-school favorites; others are part of a innovative vanguard that we call “Modern Cantonese Cuisine. ” We will help you bypass all the language, logistical and cultural barriers to ensure you have a phenomenal food experience.


Palate Education


More than tasting, we will develop your connoisseurship of our cuisine. What makes a superb won ton stand out from an average-normal one? How do our chefs get that beautiful combination of textures in their roast pork or wok-fried chicken? Finally, we’ll lead you into the wonderful world of Chinese food texture. Our team, which includes a Cordon Bleu trained chef, and three of Hong Kong’s top food and dining journalists, is well-equipped to explain and inform.


Meet chefs and master butchers, wonton makers and carvers, Chinese winemakers and tea masters


Would you like to meet chefs, visit a kitchen? We can arrange that, as well as expand your range to include not only Cantonese food, but some of the Chinese regional cuisines so popular here, such as Chiu Chow, Shun Tak, and Hakka, that are mostly inaccessible outside of Hong Kong.

Experience Hong Kong’s local food culture and fine dining from farm to market to table.

Hong Kong dim sum century egg with pickled ginger

For Restaurant Consultants and Owners


Hong Kong is no longer just a mecca for Cantonese and Chinese food. Our position as Asia’s most cosmopolitan city has made us a world hub for fine dining. The past few years have seen our wine trading market become the largest in the globe. We are also home to some of the world’s most famous superstar chefs.


Many of our professional clients come here to explore the market opportunities in one of the world’s key food cities.


Perhaps you are exploring Hong Kong with an eye towards opening a new restaurant, or spinning off a branch of your existing one. Perhaps you are advising another client on a potential Hong Kong food or beverage venture. You want to know what works here and what doesn’t. The local tastes. A bit about potential competition. (Since we are independent, we can give you a very unbiased and balanced view!)


Whether you have 24 hours or a week to spare, we’ll program an up to the second snapshot of our dining and cocktail scene, both Western and Chinese, from the hottest local tables and chefs, to the well known international ones. Our expert staff of insiders includes food critics and f&b professionals. We know the right people, and the key restaurants, we’ll help you gather the critical experience and information you need to move your project forward.

We’ve introduced chefs, restaurateurs and food professionals from all types of businesses around the world to the wonders of Hong Kong dining. Our Little Adventures team can’t wait to help you expand your culinary horizons!