Ok, I'm ready to have an adventure in Hong Kong. What should I do from here?

Just send us an email at: realtravelhongkong@gmail.com and let us know what dates you’re interested in booking with us. You might tell us a bit about yourself and your interests–are you a foodie? Photographer? A first-timer in Asia? An expat interested in getting some local orientation? We’ll respond to you within 48 hours with more information, ideas, sample itineraries and pricing. If you decide to work with us, we’ll follow up with more detailed and customized plans for your Hong Kong experience with us. By the way, we answer all our mail personally and individually. We look forward to hearing from you!

How far in advance should I make my booking?

Three weeks to a month in advance is ideal. However, we’re often able to set up a last minute booking: email us and we’ll do our best to help. (Same day bookings are not possible, sorry.) We don’t accept bookings for more than three months in advance of the current date.

What are your prices--I don't see them listed on the website?

Because all our private programs are different, we need to hear from you first. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to send pricing information. Tell us what you’d like to do with us, and we’ll send you a few suggested itineraries in different price ranges. We base our fees on an hourly rate to give you the maximum flexibility possible, and to accommodate a range of budgets.

Why should we choose Little Adventures in Hong Kong?

What we offer you is unique in the Hong Kong market.

We are the only company that limits group size to 3 persons at all times, so that our neighbors and the great old neighborhoods we love will not be adversely impacted by our visits. (With other companies you may find yourself tagging along in a gaggle of up to 15 people!)

We are also the only company whose hosts and consultants are accomplished experts in their fields. You will be hosted by Hong Kong’s top food and cultural journalists, a chef, or a professional related to your field of interest. There’s a world of difference between learning about the city from a university-educated bilingual professional, and hearing about it from a tourist guide. Our high level of individual attention, expertise and professionalism comes with a slightly higher price tag than our competition–but we’ve chosen depth and customization over a mass-market product and we are confident you will, too.

Can I sign up for a group tour?

95% of our programs are private and personal, organized just for you. We don’t put together groups of strangers. Our one-on-one tours and experiences are an excellent way to see, learn about and understand Hong Kong. It’s like having your own personal intensive seminar.

From September to May we do offer one or two group walks a week, which we call our “Heart of old Hong Kong” programs. This is a very small group (maximum 5) walk of 2.5 hours designed to give solo travelers, travelers on a budget, or guests without much time to spare, a good value taste of a Hong Kong neighbourhood.

Many of our private guests also sign up for the Group Walk as it makes a nice, and affordable addition to their main program

My company needs an orientation program on Hong Kong culture and current affairs for a group of executives.

We can help. Little Adventures in Hong Kong has provided local intelligence and cultural orientation to executives from GE, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, UBS and the Royal Bank of Scotland, among others. We’ve created trend spotting and local marketing intelligence programs for a top European media conglomerate. Our team of consultants includes Hong Kong-based experts in politics, the law, media and digital media and academia. We provide orientation for corporate executives and their families, as well as background briefings and targeted walks and food experiences for visiting executives. Please contact us with your specific requests.

I'm changing planes in Hong Kong and only have a few hours between flights. Can you help me experience the city?

Absolutely! If you have at least 6 hours between the time you arrive at Hong Kong International Airport and the time you must check in for your next flight, we can help you make the most of your Hong Kong stopover. For our short-break clients we recommend NOT trying to cover all Hong Kong’s tourist spots, but instead focusing on Hong Kong’s unique food and culture by exploring one great neighborhood. This way you don’t eat up all your precious time running around town (and you do have time to eat some of Hong Kong’s best food!)

I'm a foodie, but I'd also like to explore backstreets, markets and Hong Kong history. Can I do everything?

Sure! That’s one of the advantages of booking with a private service–we can modify any itinerary to suit your taste and interest. We’ll give you options that will help you create a mix of experiences that works for you.

I'm a chef/restaurant owner/food critic. I'd like a deep immersion into Hong Kong food, more than just a tasting tour.

Hong Kong food is our specialty. Our team includes an award winning food journalist, some of Hong Kong’s top food bloggers, and the creator of Hong Kong’s first organic food market. We know exactly which restaurants and eating spots serve the best examples of Hong Kong dishes, and we can introduce you to local culinary professionals and even get you behind the scenes. We’ll take you to markets, artesanal food suppliers, and, if you like, to local farms (yes, we have them in Hong Kong!) In the past we’ve helped food professionals scout local Cantonese ingredients to use on their menus. Most importantly, we’ll help you understand the Hong Kong food landscape, from the unfamiliar ingredients to the culture of local eating. We speak the language, know the cuisine, know the culinary scene inside out. Even if you only have a few days we’ll make sure you make the most of them.

I'm a Hong Kong expat. I feel like I'm missing out on the local culture. Can you help me escape the expat bubble?

Certainly. One of the most satisfying things we do at Little Adventures is help expats learn about the local culture. The streets you walk with us may be familiar, but after we’ve explained and unpacked their secrets for you, you’ll see them (and your adopted city) with new eyes. We can take you to explore areas of Hong Kong that even a lot of Hong Kong natives don’t know all that well. The best thing about coming on an experience with us is that you can use what you’ve discovered and learned to deepen and expand your Hong Kong expatriate experience for many months to come.

OMG my parents are coming to Hong Kong!

No worries. We are here and ready to assist when you have friends or family members dropping into Hong Kong. Pressed for time? Short on ideas? Let us take care of your guests for you, and when their walk with us is finished, you can join them (and us) on one of our special guided dim sum lunches (where you can learn to order some cool new dishes on the Chinese-only menu,  a great way to impress your friends next time you go out to yam cha!)

I'm here with my partner and one other couple. We see you have a 3 person limit. Can you make an exception?

We have a strict policy of accepting no more than 3 persons in a group on our private walks. We lose business from this, we know. But we take pride in making sure that you have the very best experience of Hong Kong possible. And when you have more than 4 people in one group, (3 guests + host), the experience suffers. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The streets we’ll be exploring can get crowded and noisy, and when the group exceeds 3, there will be guests that won’t be able to hear us unless we shout.

There is also the problem of sustainability and impact on our local neighbors. A large group can never blend seamlessly into Hong Kong life, or slip in and out of the tiny, elbow-to-elbow joints where so much of the best food is found. So the bad news is no, we can’t take your group of 4.

Here’s the good news: If you’d like to split your group into two groups of 2 persons each, we’d be happy to help you with separate walks–and we can arrange for everyone to meet up and trade notes over a special guided dim sum after the walk is over! We also now have a few walks that are take place outside the center of town, in less-congested areas. These can be modified to  work for a slightly larger group–ask us.

We'll be with our children, aged 5 and 7. Do you have programs for youngsters?

Unfortunately we do not have programs suitable for young children at this time, and so can’t accept guests under the age of 13.

Will we be walking for hours and hours? We don't think we can manage that.

Rest assured, our walks are not strenuous and we are not on our feet for the entire time. We use Hong Kong’s excellent public transport or inexpensive taxis to move us quickly to the most interesting bits (and also because riding on the top deck of the trams and buses is hugely fun!). We often stop along the way for tea or food. If you are reasonably fit, you will most likely be fine–but do advise us in advance if you or one of your guests has a physical limitation so we can be sure you’ll be comfortable with the program we’ve designed for you.

I am a vegetarian (gluten-free, have a dietary restriction). Can I still experience real Cantonese food?

We are proud to be the only company in Hong Kong that can offer you both a gluten-free and a vegetarian dim sum and Cantonese fine dining option–we’ve partnered with a Michelin recognized chef who has created a special Little Adventures menu for us. So if you have a dietary restriction, you will not be restricted from tasting some authentic, top of the line Cantonese food. Even better, if you are coming with others who don’t share your diet, they can order from the regular menu (but will probably be eating your veggie meal too, as it is locally grown and delicious!)

We ask you to please advise us of your restrictions, allergies, likes and dislikes well before your program begins–especially if you want to do our “Won Ton a Thon” grazing walk. Hong Kong’s local cuisine is very pork-centric (even “vegetarian” dishes are often seasoned with meat juices or lard). But there are restaurants and dim sum places we can take you to that specialize in vegan, Buddhist Cantonese cuisine. We also know the best meat-free dishes to order in the regular restaurants.

Where will we be meeting you?

We’ll arrange a mutually convenient meeting place–perhaps your office, our club downtown, or the place where you are staying. In order to maximize the value of your time with us we may suggest meeting in a location near to where the walk begins (we’ll email you with concise directions, don’t worry!). The meeting point for many of our programs in a place steeped with history: the fabled Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Hong Kong. The old landmarked Victorian building is a member’s only facility (but we’re members, so you’re in!), a very old-school Hong Kong spot that features prominently in a John LeCarre novel. You’ll feel like a real Hong Konger from the moment you step inside–a great way to begin our day.

What should I wear/bring on the walk?

Hong Kong is a touch more dressed up than you might expect. You may find, as we did when we came here, that you’re most comfortable walking around downtown during office hours in clothes that are comfortable, but not overly casual (e.g., no shorts, cargo pants, flip flops, tank tops). But Hong Kongers are so laid back that if you decide to go super-casual, nobody will blink! Use your common sense with shoes–pavements here tend to be uneven, curbs (kerbs) high, and lots of the most interesting streets are made of lovely hand-hewn stone steps (we call them “ladder streets”). We recommend you don’t carry a lot of stuff along. In the rainy months (May-September) a folding umbrella might be wise. A camera. Water if you want, although there will be many places along the way to buy bottled water. Hong Kong, by the way, has superb and numerous public sanitation facilities, and there will be comfortable rest stops both at our meeting point and along the way.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards via online payment. You can also pay us by wire transfer to our company’s bank account in Hong Kong. Our preferred payment method is cash (in Hong Kong or US dollars). If you pay us via transfer or credit card, we’ll need that payment at least 48 hours before you start your program. We regret that we must ask a surcharge of 4% for this payment method to cover the amount that the credit card companies charge back to us.

If you’re settling in cash there is no surcharge and you may pay us just before your program begins. The Hong Kong and US dollars are pegged, so there is no currency fluctuation to worry about.

We price by the hour, not by the tour, so you have the flexibility to mix and match elements and create the Hong Kong experience that works best for you.