Only five guests per group. No flags, crowds or microphones. Get an intimate, honest view of Hong Kong from the people who know it best–our expert team of journalists and professionals. Join us for Hong Kong’s best value group tour.



Locals Call it K-Town. You’ll Call it Fabulous.

Small and Sweet!

We run the smallest group walks in Hong Kong--only 5 persons, max. So personal you'll forget you're on a tour.

Food, History, Culture

Ditch the bucket list and explore the real grassroots Hong Kong with a Kennedy Town local

Attention all Expats!

Hop the new MTR and check out the neighborhood everybody wants to move to

End the Day with LAHK

Sunset along the Hong Kong Waterfront. Kick back with a drink on us.

With Little Adventures, you’ll discover places you’d never find on your own. Join us for Afternoon in Kennedy Town and experience Hong Kong the way we live it.

Enjoy the unexpected, lost in time vibe of Kennedy Town’s back streets. You won’t believe you’re still in the city.

Hong Kong egg tarts and pineapple buns

Fresh, baked on premises egg tarts and buns are getting harder to find in Hong Kong: but we’ve found some of the best for you!

Pay your respects to Lo Pan, God of Carpenters and Contractors, at Hong Kong’s most drop-dead gorgeous hidden Chinese temple

The Basics:

When: Friday afternoons

We start at 3 pm sharp and finish around 5:45 ish with a sunset drink on the beautiful K-Town waterfront

Where: Kennedy Town

We meet near the new Kennedy Town MTR station exit--we'll send details when you book

Ticket Price ($115 USD/888 HKD) Includes:

Your expert host, afternoon tea and snacks at a trad HK coffeeshop, the best egg tart in town, and a sunset wine or beer

The Kennedy Town Story

Kennedy Town is among the few remaining districts on Hong Kong island where hole-in-the-wall noodle joints and traditional tea houses outnumber clothing stores and U.S. coffee shops.---Financial Times

Sitting on the far western end of Hong Kong island, connected to downtown only by bus or tram, Kennedy Town was the city’s underbelly for many years, home to the slaughterhouse, the contagious diseases hospital, the public mortuary, the docks, and a population of Hong Kong’s working class.


The hospital and slaughterhouse are long gone (though there are docks nearby, fun to walk around on!) and now that the new MTR train is up and running, Kennedy Town’s only a few short minutes from downtown. Its relaxed, village like atmosphere, the streets and terraces filled with tenements, and its magnificent location right on the edge of Victoria Harbour are making Kennedy Town the Hong Kong neighborhood of the moment.


Kennedy Town’s long relative isolation means that it still has lots of things absent from the more developed parts of Hong Kong: quirky walk-up and wrap-around corner buildings, street food hawkers, public housing estates, century old banyan trees, and other visible markers of the city’s nearly 175 year old history–including its boundary stone.


It’s a wonderful place to feel what Hong Kong used to be like, and get a sense of where its going.


The Details/FAQ:

How long is Afternoon in Kennedy Town?

Afternoon in Kennedy Town is a 2.5-3 hour taste of food, history and culture that’s a terrific way to get a expert, intimate introduction to Hong Kong and to a great cool old neighborhood.

Why should I book Afternoon in Kennedy Town?

Because it’s a great way to get to know the real grassroots Hong Kong by exploring a small and rich old neighborhood rather than ticking off attractions on a bucket list. Our group walks offer:

    • extremely small group size (no more than 5 persons)
    • expert food and culture professional staff,
    • unique food tasting stops curated by us.

ADDED PLUS: Afternoon in Kennedy Town hosts live in the neighborhood so you’re really going to get an insider perspective

What and how much will we be eating?

You’ll be tasting some Hong Kong local foods and snacks typically eaten at the afternoon break time, including buns and egg tarts, iced or hot milk tea or “coffee-tea”, and Hong Kong style French toast.

The ticket price also includes a sunset draft beer or glass of house wine at a lovely waterfront cafe.

What about vegetarians? (gluten-free, allergies, pork free, other dietary restrictions)

While we can’t make special arrangements for replacement food on our Afternoon in Kennedy Town, the good news is that most of what we will be sampling is going to be fine for vegetarians who can eat eggs and dairy.

Unfortunately, the afternoon treats in Hong Kong are not vegan-friendly, nor are they gluten free. If you have a dietary restriction and want to have a great Hong Kong food experiences, we recommend you book a private food walk with us.

We’re already doing a private walk with Little Adventures in Hong Kong. Is The Group Walk the same itinerary?

We designed Afternoon in Kennedy Town so that it compliments our other programmes and can be combined with them. Shorter in length, it makes a great appetizer course–or dessert!–to your HK experience. Many of our guests book both a private walk AND a group walk, so that they can experience several different Hong Kong traditional neighborhoods.

What is the cost of the Group Walk in Kennedy Town?

Tickets for our Group Walk are $115 USD/888 HKD per person. You can book tickets by clicking the button at the top of the page.

Can I bring the kids?

Unfortunately, the walk is not stroller-friendly, and not suited to children. We do welcome young adults from the age of 12 onwards!

Is Kennedy Town far away? How do I get there?

The new extension of Hong Kong’s fabulous MTR train system has made Kennedy Town super easy to access. It’s only about 10 minutes away from the center of Hong Kong island. We meet right outside the station entrance so you won’t have any trouble finding us

We can’t wait to see you on a delightful Afternoon in K-Town. Join us.