Help for the Hong Kong Foodie

What’s the biggest obstacle faced by a hungry foodie in Hong Kong?


Ah, the mysteries of the Chinese language menu. You go into a restaurant that smells good. The food on everyone’s table looks fantastic. Using the finger pointing “I’ll have what they’re having” method, you manage to get yourself a tasty meal. Yet…

You wonder what else is on the menu. What are the specialties of the house? What am I eating, anyway? And perhaps you wonder about the history of the restaurant, the characteristics and flavors of the various Chinese cuisines. You want to do more than just point and chow–you want to be a connoisseur.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Little Adventures in Hong Kong now offers personalized eating help for foodies, custom designed for you. We will help you sample all the tastes our great food city has on offer. We know where to find the best congee, fish ball or wonton noodles, the tastiest do fu fa. And we know how to read the specials on the wall, so you can be sure you won’t miss anything.

Hong Kong food, of course, is more than just noodles and snacks. We have the world’s highest concentration of top flight Chinese restaurants. But we know that even with an English menu translation, many of these restaurants are difficult for the non-Chinese traveler to navigate.

That’s why we’ve launched our new Eating Concierge Service.

We consult with you to help you choose a great Chinese restaurant that fits your taste and budget. Then we help you create a well-balanced Chinese multi-course meal, the way that a local Hong Kong person would. We scope out the restaurant’s specialties, find out what’s in season and what’s not, and alert you about any dishes that need advance requests.

Our Eating Concierge Service doesn’t end there. If you’d like, we can also come to dinner with you, and be your personal resource. We’ll explain each dish, give you the lowdown on the culture of Hong Kong’s Chinese restaurants, and answer any other questions you might have about Hong Kong, too. (And, after dinner, if you’d like, we might take you on a little walk to grab some tong seui.)

Want to find out more about our Hong Kong Eating Concierge Service? Email us today: