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We’re four food writers and a chef. We’ll make sure you don’t miss one delicious Hong Kong bite.

Red Noodles Icon Find the best local dishes

Hong Kong is all about the food. We have more than 10,000 Chinese restaurants, noodle shops and street food stalls. But how to find the best? That’s where we come in. We are local food journalists and culinary pros and (we admit it) major food snobs when it comes to our hometown cuisine. We’ll introduce you to wontons so delicate you’ll gasp. Succulent roast pork, hand-crafted noodles. Our expert team knows all the hidden places that locals cherish. And we’ll be sharing them with you.

Red Cutlery Icon From Humble to Fine Dining

Whether you’re a novice or serious foodie, a food writer, or a culinary professional, we can create a delicious program just for you–that’s the advantage of our private service. As a private client, you’ll be able to slip into the tiniest hole-in-the-wall food shops with us (you can bring up to 2 other friends along if you like). We guarantee you’ll be eating at the best, most beloved Hong Kong spots–not the ones visited in the more commercial tours. Our food stops are handpicked gems that reflect our obsession with artisanal, homemade-on-premises food.

Food walks by the pros

Our food experiences are curated by our expert bilingual staff, which includes some of Hong Kong’s top food journalists. We speak native English–but even more important, we speak and read Cantonese, so can really take you to the heart of local cuisine. That’s why Anthony Bourdain’s CNN team chose Little Adventures to help them launch his new program in Hong Kong (and Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern chose LAHK’s Johannes Pong to show him around.).

A Hong Kong food experience to match your taste and experience level

At Little Adventures in Hong Kong we can tailor your programs to suit you, whether you’re just beginning to explore the world of Hong Kong food, or whether you’re an experienced global Chowhound who wants to dig into regional cuisines like Chiu Chow, Shun Tak and Hakka. Just let us know what you like (and don’t like) to eat, and we’ll help you work out a plan for your Hong Kong eating experience of a lifetime.

Red Plus Website Icon Added Value

Your booking includes complimentary access to all our foodie resources, including:

  • Our private list of recommended restaurants.
  • Our street food and noodle shop tips.
  • Our personal advice on where you should eat, and why.

We’ll help you curate your Hong Kong food experience from start to finish.

Gluten or Dairy free? Vegetarian? We are proud to be the only service in Hong Kong that can arrange authentic, custom fine dining experiences for guests with dietary restrictions. Don’t miss out on Hong Kong’s delicious flavours.

Hong Kong Foods

At A Glance: Our Most Popular Hong Kong Food Tours

Graze your way through the city on our Won-ton-a-thon. Dig into our Cantonese ingredients and flavors on The Cook’s Tour. Discover the wonders of real Cantonese fine dining on a Guided Dinner or Dim Sum lunch.

The Won-ton-a-thon: Our Signature Custom Street Food Walk


Our core private Hong Kong food tour for foodies looking for the best handmade noodles, buns, bbq meats and and classic street foods. Your host, a chef or respected Hong Kong food journalist, leads you on a customized journey into our world-renowned comfort foods. You’ll visit our team’s curated selection of traditional family-run shops (warning: we are picky!), and learn how Hong Kongers judge what’s the “best”. The gold standard in private HK food tours.

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Quick Facts

  • Private walk for up to 3 adults, 4 hour minimum
  • Location: Choose from several great neighborhoods in Hong Kong island or Kowloon
  • Favorite, family run restaurants curated by our expert team of HK journalists and chefs
  • Choose from an array of classic Hong Kong foods, including dim sum, roasted meats, wonton, beefball and fishball noodle soups, egg tarts, “cha chaan teng” diner comfort treats, and more
  • Our most popular food walk. Customized so it works for everyone from newbies to seasoned foodies.


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The Cook’s Tour: Discover the Unique Flavours of Cantonese Cuisine and Cooking

Hong Kong Street Food Cook

Learn to appreciate the intense, rich flavors of Hong Kong’s superb cuisine as a chef does. Discover the handmade sauces, baked goods, rice wine, dried seafood, herbs and other unfamiliar food products essential to Cantonese cooking. In small hidden shops still selling things proudly made the old way you’ll learn how local cooks use food as both nourishment and tonic. This Hong Kong food tour includes visits to two or three different markets, tasting and eating (and sniffing and poking!).
Restaurant Icons

Quick Facts

  • Private walk for up to 3 adults. Timing: a 4 hour walk
  • Location: Central HK island and Sheung Wan
  • Opportunity to shop for artisanal sauces, dried herbs and teas, handmade noodles, soy sauce and XO sauces
  • Option to visit a 60 year old family run tea shop
  • superb choice for expats who want to learn how to shop and what to buy at the specialty food markets, wet markets and sauce shops

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Guided Fine Dining or Dim Sum Lunch: Experience Cantonese food with an expert!

sweet and sour pork Hong Kong

Yes, it’s possible to go to a superb Cantonese restaurant and have a disappointing experience…IF you don’t know the ropes of ordering and menu selection. We set out to fix that by offering our Guided Dining Hong Kong food tours, designed to steer you past language and cultural roadblocks to access–and understand!– Hong Kong’s finest Cantonese or regional Chinese cuisine.
Hong Kong Restaurant Icons

Quick Facts

Your evening begins with a short walk through a lively outdoor food market where you can see what you’ll be eating later and learn about Cantonese ingredients. You may choose to stop for a cocktail in a renovated colonial period Hong Kong shophouse, or continue directly to dinner at one of our top Cantonese or regional Chinese restaurants for an evening of superb food, and expert tasting guidance from your host, a Cordon Bleu trained chef or a local food critic

We also offer Guided Dining dim sum lunch as add-ons to other walk programs. Please ask us!

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The Evening Tipple: Discover Hong Kong’s Craft Beer and Cocktail Scene

Hong Kong Cocktail

Hong Kong’s interest in fine wine, locally brewed beer and craft cocktails has exploded in the past few years. On this informative and fun walk, our team expert and industry insider leads you through an exclusive evening crawl through small craft bars and speakeasies, to sample creations from and meet local mixologists incorporating local Hong ingredients into their recipes.

Hong Kong Restaurant Icons

Quick Facts

  • Private walk for up to 6 adults. Timing: a 2.5-3 hour walk
  • Location: Central HK island and/or Sheung Wan
  • Visit a craft cocktail bar serving drinks with local ingredients, a craft beer bar serving Hong Kong brewed beer, organic wine bar, and visit a shop for a taste of snake wine!
  • Great choice for expats and corporate team building–please contact us for groups larger than 6 persons

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Yes, we do gift certificates. Ask us about arranging a private Won-ton-a-thon or guided curated dinner for your special guests.