Hong Kong Foodies, meet the Won Ton-a-Thon!

By popular demand, Little Adventures in Hong Kong has created a unique new food and walking experience:

Won Ton-a-Thon!


What is a Won Ton-a-thon? It’s the most unique food challenge in Hong Kong: a marathon, epic foodie quest to eat the best won ton noodles in Hong Kong! And it’s only at Little Adventures in Hong Kong.


Four hours of Hong Kong island’s most beloved noodle shops, from Shau Kei Wan to Sheung Wan. Won ton noodles, beef brisket, fish balls. Famous local classic shops like Mak’s Noodles and Wing Wah. Go elbow to elbow with Hong Kongers at some of the last remaining outdoor dai pai dongs in Central Hong Kong.


Noodles are to Hong Kong what pizza is to New York: the signature dish at the heart of a great metropolitan city. When you finish your Won Ton-a-Thon¬†with Little Adventures in Hong Kong you’ll really feel like you’ve been to Hong Kong.

Come hungry! Contact us now to find out more about the Hong Kong Won Ton-a-Thon