Hong Kong Comfort Food at Diner
Hong Kong Food
Savor our delicious street food. Learn how and what to order, and the history of these beloved local treats. And experience a new Hong Kong neighborhood too! Join us on the Hong Kong Street Food Tour in Shau Kei Wan.

For HK Residents: Hong Kong Street Food


Come with us and join the in-the-know Hong Kong locals on a lively street food crawl in Shau Kei Wan

Short and Sooo Sweet!

Grab the best bites and see Hong Kong's most lively outdoor market in this two and a half hour blast!

Noodles and More

Sample all the best Hong Kong street food while exploring an old city neighborhood rich with local culture

Easy Access

It's easy to get here--just hop on a bus or the convenient MTR train to discover a delicious hidden corner of Hong Kong

Bring Family and Friends

Our MINI Street Food Tour can be booked by your private group of up to 5 persons

Expats and residents: Are you ready to dive into the wonders of old-school HK snacks? With Little Adventures in Hong Kong, you’ll discover the most delicious local street food, from dim sum and savory noodles to delicate egg tarts and the best street waffle in town. It’s a great afternoon break, and we can’t wait to show you around our favorite foodie neighborhood. Join us!

More about our Hong Kong Street Food


    That's our way of saying ``Comfort Food`` in Hong Kong. Popular since the 1960s, these little coffee-tea diners serve up Hong Kong style dishes using Western ingredients like peanut butter, hot dogs and scrambled eggs. You'll say Yum!

  • Street Side Dim Sum

    We call this meal ``Yum Cha``, and we eat these wonderous small bites for breakfast or lunch, and everywhere. We'll Yum Cha like a local from bamboo steamers at a streetside cafe

  • Sweet Treats

    Hong Kong's sweet buns like the ``bo lo baau`` and savory stuffed rolls keep us going during our long fast-paced days. We'll sample Hong Kong's most famous street waffle, hot from the griddle!

The Basics:

When: Any Afternoon you Choose

Our MINI Food Tour starts at 2 or 2:30pm. Because it's private, it's flexible too.

Where: Shau Kei Wan

Shau Kei Wan is only 20 minutes from Central HK. We meet right outside the MTR station exit--we'll send details and a map when you book

Ticket Includes:

Your expert host, and 4-5 tasting stops from the rotating menu: dim sum, fish ball, beef or wonton noodles, cha chaan teng, herbal tea, street waffles, roast pork, egg tart, pineapple bun

Why is Shau Kei Wan the home of Hong Kong’s Best Street Food?

Shau Kei Wan is the kind of special 'secret' place that you can't believe still exists in Hong Kong. Here you'll find a half dozen old Chinese temples, banners fluttering in the breeze--along with a main street chockablock with great Hong Kong street food restaurants and stalls.

Tucked away at the far eastern end of Hong Kong island, Shau Kei Wan existed as a fishing village long before there was a Hong Kong. Because of its distance from the center of the city, Shau Kei Wan remained a working class area with lower rents than other areas of Hong Kong. It’s remained a thriving center for street food and great old-fashioned Hong Kong snack and coffee shop culture. Thankfully, it has not made the tourist map yet, and this is where Hong Kong people flock on the weekends to enjoy the comfort foods they remember from 20 and 30 years ago.


Shau Kei Wan’s amazing outdoor wet market takes up an entire outdoor city block, and is absolutely our favorite market in Hong Kong. In between eating stops, we will take advantage of the variety and spaciousness of this local treasure to introduce you to the key ingredients and guiding philosophy behind our Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine. You’ll learn about the “four treasures” of Cantonese dried seafood, get an introduction to the Cantonese flavor profile of super fresh foods combined with preserved, fermented and pickled ingredients (the “flavor bombs” of our cooking). You’ll also see how our local Hong Kong produce is becoming popular with consumers at the street level, and learn why.

The Details/FAQ:

How long is the MINI Private Street Food Tour?

Like our other MINI tours, the Hong Kong Street Food Mini runs about 2.5-3 hours.

Who should book a Little Adventures in Hong Kong MINI Private Street Food tour?

Reasons to book the MINI STREET FOOD TOUR:

  1. Do you want a private food tour that can accommodate more than 3 persons? BOOK THE MINI STREET FOOD TOUR
  2. Are you traveling on a budget and want a premium quality tour that offers an EXPERT intensive Hong Kong Food Experience? BOOK THE MINI STREET FOOD TOUR
  3. Are you on a short stopover, or pressed for time during your visit? BOOK THE MINI STREET FOOD TOUR
What and how much will we be eating?

You’ll be making four to five stops for Hong Kong local foods and snacks typically eaten in the afternoon. The menu changes with each tour but typically will include some of the following: fish ball or beef brisket noodles, buns and egg tarts, iced or hot milk tea or “coffee-tea”, Hong Kong style “little chicken egg” waffles (gai daan jai), street-side old school dim sum and herbal medicinal tea.

You host will be a chef or local journalist

What about vegetarians? (gluten-free, allergies, pork free, other dietary restrictions)

Vegetarians who are ok with eggs and dairy will be ok with most of the food on our MINI Private Food Tour. If you can also do fish or fish broth, even better! We can adapt to halal-friendly pork-free guests. Allergies to shellfish can be accommodated too. If you have a question please note that in your request and we’ll let you know!

Gluten-avoiding guests we can work around–you will have rice noodle and rice dumpling options, and meat and egg options.

Unfortunately we can’t adapt the MINI Private Street Food Tour for the following dietary restrictions: Celiac disease, Vegans, Peanut Allergies. If that applies to you or one of your guests, please contact us about a fully-customizable Won-ton-a-thon private food tour

What is the cost of the MINI Private Street Food Walk and how do I book?


ONE or 2 persons: 380 USD (or 2980 HKD)
3 persons: 475 USD (or 3730 HKD)
4 persons: 575 USD (or 4535 HKD)
5 persons 660 USD (or 5200 HKD)
(price INCLUDES 4-5 scheduled food and drink tastings)

Pricing is per GROUP, not per person. All MINI WALKS are CASH ONLY

Is Shau Kei Wan far away? How do I get there?

Hong Kong’s fabulous MTR train system means Shau Kei Wan is super easy to access from just about anywhere in Hong Kong. It’s only about 20 minutes away from the center of Hong Kong island. We meet right outside the station entrance so you won’t have any trouble finding us. We will send you a map with detailed directions.