Little Adventures Star Team in Action!

JohannesAdriaYesterday, Chef Albert Adria, younger brother of fabled El Bulli’s fabled Ferran Adria, came to Hong Kong for ONE day only to cook a special, by invitation only dinner at HK’s hot spot of the moment, Catalunya. (While HKers love our Cantonese food, we crave variety too, and tapas are all the rage now.) Guess who was on hand to greet and exclusively interview Chef Adria? That’s right: Little Adventures’ senior host Johannes Pong.

Many of you know Johannes already, because he’s helped you discover Hong Kong’s delicious local food on one of our Won-Ton-a-Thons. Johannes knows Hong Kong food from high to low, and loves to share his knowledge with our guests…everything from the best place to have a cheap plate of the yummiest Chinese dumplings, to where to splash out on a world-class Japanaese kaiseki meal (did we mention that Johannes speaks fluent Japanese, too?)

This is the Little Adventures in Hong Kong difference: when you join us for a cultural walk or food tour, you’ll always have a host who is a well known expert in Hong Kong culture and food, a professional in his or her field. Come with us, and you’ll have a deeper experience, and gain a level of understanding that you just can’t get from a traditional tour guide. Just ask Adria. Or Andrew Zimmern, another one of Johannes’ famous guests in Hong Kong.

We’re delighted and proud to have such an amazing team of professionals like Johannes working on our Little Adventures team. Can’t wait to read his article when it comes out–we’ll post the link on our Facebook feed when it does (Like our FB page to stay in our loop.)