Luxe Loves Us, and We Love Luxe!

Our 2011 season is underway at Little Adventures in Hong Kong , and we’re having a busy one. In no small part due to the wonderful mention we’ve received in the latest edition of the Luxe Guide to Hong Kong.

Of course you know Luxe…they’re the pocket-sized accordion leaflet travel guides that are de rigueur for all sophisticated modern nomads who want to get the most out of any city. Smart travelers look to Luxe for the tips that will get them into the most fascinating places, and give them the most memorable experiences.

That’s exactly what we do here at Little Adventures in Hong Kong. So we are, naturally, absolutely thrilled to be in their Little Red Book.

Do you want to savor authentic, amazing Hong Kong Chinese delicacies in little restaurants waaaay off the beaten track?

Then email us today about our personal, private, food experiences in Hong Kong!