Buns, bubble teas, bakery treats, egg tarts, ice cream and more. The Mini Hong Kong Dessert Tour is the sweetest way to dive into our city’s food culture

THE MINI Private Hong Kong Dessert Tour


Come with us on a super-fun dessert crawl through Hong Kong island

A Sweet Taste of HK

Three hours of yummy, and Instagrammable treats. The best desserts of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and China!

Waffles, Egg Tarts & More

Sample and photograph all the best Hong Kong sweet delights while exploring two lively city neighborhoods

Great for Groups and Events

Our MINI Hong Kong Dessert Tour can be booked by your private group of up to 5 persons

We’ve scouted Hong Kong to find the best in every category of dessert delights. Join Little Adventures on a fun and delicious dessert crawl through Wanchai and Causeway Bay

Meet some of our Hong Kong Desserts


    That's our way of saying ``Egg Tart`` in Cantonese. Popular since the 1920s, these perfect, delicate little pastries come in several old school varieties, and some exciting new flavors too! You'll sample the best and learn what makes an Egg tart great


    Our ``little egg waffles`` are making waves worldwide. Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, they are absolutely addictive. We'll take you to our favorite place for these beauties and you'll see

  • Tong Seui

    Hong Kong's most beloved desserts are soups and steamed milks that are served warm or cold--your choice!--and are made from healthy ingredients like milk and soymilk, beans, ginger, dates, fruits and ground nuts.

The Basics:

When: Any Time you Choose

Our MINI Dessert Crawl can start in the morning or the afternoon. Because it's private, it's flexible too.

Where: Wanchai

Wanchai is in the heart of HK. We meet right outside the MTR station exit--we'll send details and a map when you book

What You'll Taste

Pick your favorites: Sweet Soups, Egg Tarts, Little Egg Waffles, Matcha Green Tea Soft Serve, Bubble and Cheese Tea, Steamed Milk with Ginger, HK French Toast and more

The Details/FAQ:

How long is the MINI Private Hong Kong Dessert Tour?

The Hong Kong Street Food Mini runs about 3 hours.

Who should book a Little Adventures in Hong Kong MINI Private Hong Kong Dessert tour?

Reasons to book the MINI STREET FOOD TOUR:

  1. Do you want a private food tour that can accommodate more than 3 persons? BOOK THE HONG KONG DESSERT TOUR
  2. Are you a sweets fanatic? This one is for you.
  3. Do you love sharing your food shots on Instagram? This is our most IG forward tour.
  4. Teenagers coming to visit you in Hong Kong? We’ve got you sorted.
What and how much will we be eating?

You’ll be making four to five stops for Hong Kong local desserts and snacks typically eaten in the afternoon. The menu is customized to your preferences with each tour but typically will include some of the following: egg tarts, little egg waffles, bakery treats and buns, sweet soups or steamed milk, matcha soft serve Japanese style ice cream, bubble or cheese tea, Hong Kong style french toast with condensed milk.

You host will be a chef or local journalist

What about vegetarians? (gluten-free, allergies, pork free, other dietary restrictions)

Vegetarians who are ok with eggs and dairy will be ok with most of the food on our MINI Hong Kong Dessert Tour.  If you have a question please note that in your request and we’ll let you know!

Gluten-free isn’t possible on this tour. Unfortunately we can’t adapt the MINI Private Street Food Tour for the following dietary restrictions: Celiac disease, Vegans, Peanut Allergies. If that applies to you or one of your guests, please contact us about a fully-customizable Won-ton-a-thon private food tour

What is the cost of the MINI Hong Kong Dessert tour and how do I book?


ONE or 2 persons: 345 USD

3 persons: 445 USD

4 persons: 525 USD

5 persons 600 USD

Pricing is per GROUP, not per person. FOOD IS NOT INCLUDED–We customize your food stops and you can choose what you like and pay a la carte to the vendor. This gives you maximum flexibility.

Where does the tour take place?

We do our dessert tours in the heart of Hong Kong island, in the bustling areas of Wanchai and Causeway Bay. This area is filled with terrific traditional Hong Kong and Asian dessert options. Hong Kong’s fabulous MTR train system means our start point at the Wanchai station is super easy to access from just about anywhere in Hong Kong. We meet right outside the station entrance so you won’t have any trouble finding your host. We will send you a map with detailed directions.