NEWS: Cathay Pacific hosts Little Adventures in Hong Kong


Riddle: How long does it take to get from JFK airport to Hong Kong? That’s the question our LAHK founder and director, Daisann McLane, asked the assembled group of 80 Cathay Pacific employees at her talk last week, entitled “From JFK to HKG, My Little Adventure in Hong Kong.” The correct answer? Not 15 hours, or 14.5–but two minutes. Time enough to hear the familiar lilt of Cantonese, feel welcomed into the pristine, state of the art equipped cabin by the most efficient flight staff on earth. “The moment you enter the Cathay aircraft, no matter where in the world you board it, you’re back home, in Hong Kong,” Daisann said.

LAHK director Daisann McLane with Cyndi Tang from Cathay Pacific

LAHK director Daisann McLane with Cathay’s Cyndi Tang

Cyndi Tang of Cathay’s corporate communications department invited Daisann to speak at this month’s staff seminar about her career journey as New York journalist, travel writer, and now director of Hong Kong’s most unique private service for expats and visitors looking for “the real Hong Kong.“. We were indeed honored, as past speakers have included such illustrious Hong Kong characters as Shanghai Tang’s founder, Sir David Tang! It was a terrific opportunity to meet some of the people behind the world’s best airline, including the man responsible for making sure the planes are all shipshape and in top working order, Engineering Director Christopher Gibbs.

Daisann told stories about her life in Hong Kong–from discovering her local laundryman was a multi-millionaire, to the tears she shed over learning Cantonese–and ended by urging her audience to do whatever they can to sustain Hong Kong’s character, local neighborhoods and flavor. “We all love this city, and because of our work we are all ambassadors of this city. We need to make sure that the city we love remains for others to discover and fall in love with too.”


Daisann logging her first flight hours

Speaking of love, our LAHK director has a long-standing love affair with all things aviation related. So one of her biggest thrills of the day was visiting the enormous Cathay corporate complex, CX City, which boasts a gym, a beauty parlor, a bar, and its own hotel! And even better–Mr. Gibbs presented Daisann with her very own 777 to pilot home.

Thanks to all the Cathay Pacific family for inviting Little Adventures in Hong Kong to fly with them!