Roast Pigs in a Hong Kong Taxi

Yesterday, 1:30pm, on Lyndhurst Terrace I see a guy pushing a cart. On the cart are two huge roast suckling pigs.



He’s holding the cart steady with one hand, waving his other arm out in the air at the passing traffic.

“You mean you’re going to take the pigs in the taxi”? I said to the guy in Cantonese, a little shocked.

He shrugs, like this is something he does every day, and says, “Haih la.” That’s right.

A taxi whizzes by, ignoring him. “Hmm,” I say, “Looks like nobody wants to ride with roast pigs.”

The man scowls and mutters. Then he lifts his hand to the next oncoming taxi, holding two fingers in the air. It’s a signal: “I’m offering him 20 dollars extra!”

The next taxi swerves over and pulls up to the curb. stops. I wait and watch as the guy loads the two greasy, fat-dripping red be-ribboned and cellophane-blanketed pigs into the grimy trunk, heads facing out.

He slams the trunk lid down, hops into the back, and they’re off.

Just another lunch hour little adventure in Hong Kong.

I may never eat roast pig again.


I can’t promise that you’ll meet a couple of roast pigs dolled up for a party when you come on one of our Little Adventures in Hong Kong walking tours.

But here’s one thing I know: in this city, you never know who–or what–you might bump into on the taxi queue.

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