Only five guests per group. No flags, crowds or microphones. Get an intimate, honest view of Hong Kong from the people who know it best–our expert team of journalists and professionals.  Join us for Hong Kong’s best value group tour.



Its name means “Little Bay”, but it has a big helping of everything Hong Kong. Come and experience all the flavours of our city in one walkable neighborhood. And pick up the local tips and tricks that will help you throughout the rest of your city stay.

Small and Sweet!

We run the smallest group walks in Hong Kong--only 5 persons, max. So personal you'll forget you're on a tour.

Food, History, Culture

Ditch the bucket list and dig deep into real grassroots Hong Kong with our expert hosts

Attention all Expats!

Baffled by the local food? Come with us and we'll show you how to navigate a classic Hong Kong outdoor ``wet`` market

Start Your Day with LAHK

Rub elbows with the regulars. Have a delish breakfast at a Hong Kong diner with us.

Experience the real Hong Kong in Wan Chai

How fresh is “fresh” to a Hong Kong housewife? You’ll find out when we slow crawl through Wan Chai’s bustling, fascinating outdoor food market.

What’s a cha chaan teng? It’s how we do “brunch” in Hong Kong, and you’ll be eating in a 60 year old family run place, elbow to elbow with the locals.


Where can you find old Chinese traditions in a city of skyscrapers? Everywhere! We’ll introduce you to Wan Chai’s rich cultural treasures and hidden temples.

The Basics:

When: Sunday Mornings

We start at 10:30 am and finish around 1pm-ish. It's a great time to catch the quieter side of a usually congested neighborhood.

Where: Wan Chai

We start right outside a convenient stop of Hong Kong's MTR. We'll send you a location map when you book.

Ticket Includes:

Tea, coffee and brunch at an old school HK coffeeshop, a handmade herbal tea, and a surprise sweet treat!

We tapped into our team's extensive knowledge (not the Internet!) to find the best old-school food spots. One was recommended to us by our team member's 85 year old granny!

The Wan Chai Story

Historic Wan Chai is Hong Kong’s most diverse and intriguing district, rich in history, Chinese traditions, terrific stories, and great food. There are few areas in Hong Kong that pack so much diversity into such a compact area, from chic bars and luxury towers to alleyways hiding Michelin star street food. It’s a great place to get the lay of the land in Hong Kong.


As one of the earliest areas of Hong Kong to be developed, its streets ring with echoes of the past. Your host will regale you with Wan Chai stories, old and new. Wan Chai is long known for harboring louche characters, businessmen of dubious ethics, sailors behaving badly (the British naval headquarters was right next door, and its old waterfront boasted dockyards and shipbuilders). In the 1960s, Wan Chai became known worldwide as the notorious bar and red light district immortalized in the William Holden film, “World of Suzie Wong”.


Wan Chai has been intensely developed in the last 20 years, as all Hong Kong has, but not uniformly, and so a turn of a corner leads you from a shiny new skyscraper to a block of 19th century flats, to big 1960s vintage buildings that housed businesses, small factories and residents. You can experience all the densely packed layers of  Hong Kong’s urban life here.


Guided by your expert host, a journalist or chef, you’ll also have access to our insider tips and suggestions for how to best enjoy Hong Kong after your walk is finished.


How long is the Sunday In Wan Chai group walk?

Sunday in Wan Chai group walk lasts around 2.5-3 hours.

Why should I book this group walk?

Because it’s a great budget-friendly way to get to know the real grassroots Hong Kong by exploring a small and rich old neighborhood rather than ticking off attractions on a bucket list. Our group walks offer:

    • EXTREMELY small group size (no more than 5 persons)
    • expert-led by local journalists and culinary pros, not tour guides,
    • unique food tasting stops curated by us.

ADDED PLUS:  Hosts live in the Wan Chai neighborhood so you’re really going to get an insider perspective.

What will we be eating?

Sunday in Wan Chai is not a dedicated food tour, but we do eat! We begin with a tasty sampling of brunch at a local “cha chaan teng” or Hong Kong style coffeeshop. You’ll sample Hong Kong’s iconic drinks like milk tea, “coffee-tea” or delicious iced lemon tea, various breakfast sandwiches and buns, Hong Kong style french toast, peanut butter toast with condensed milk and other morning specialties.

At the market we usually stop for one or two additional quick bites that may include samples of roasted meats from one of the best vendors in the neighborhood, and a family run bakery that does marvelous egg tarts and buns.

We space the tastings so that you will not be too full afterwards in case your plans call for lunch after the walk is finished.

How about vegetarians, and people with other dietary restrictions?

Most of what we eat during Sunday in Wan Chai can be enjoyed by vegetarians who are able to eat milk products and eggs. We can adapt our order to suit our clients who do not eat pork and its products.

How much walking is there?

Approximately 1.5 kilometers. The terrain is completely flat, and we make a lot of stops and starts.

Can we bring children?

Children 12 and over are welcome on this walk.

What is the cost of the Group Walk, and how do I book?

Tickets for our Group Walk are $115 USD/888 HKD per person. You can book tickets online here.

Where is Wan Chai and where do I meet you?

Wan Chai is in the center of Hong Kong island, well connected to everything by our fabulous transit system, the MTR. When you book a ticket we’ll send you information with our meeting point location and a map.