Because Hong Kong has 10,000 restaurants and you only have a few days. Private, fully customized, expert-led street food tours.

The Ultimate Hong Kong Street Food Tour



Are you ready for…the Won-Ton-A-Thon? That’s what we call our marathon, 4 to 5 hour programme that will take you straight to Hong Kong’s most delicious and famous dishes from street food to noodles and dim sum and more. What will you eat? It’s up to you–that’s the advantage of a private food experience.


How it works: Before you meet us in Hong Kong we send you a list of the places and dishes we think are essential to the Hong Kong experience, so you can choose what sounds best to you. Or you can put yourself completely in our hands, and we’ll lead you through an unforgettable day of congee, noodles (Won Ton, fish ball and/or beef brisket), roast pork, duck or goose, soups, Chinese pastries, Hong Kong’s unique coffee shop cuisine, street food, sweet snacks and dim sum too.


    That's our way of saying ``Comfort Food`` in Hong Kong. Popular since the 1960s, these little coffee-tea diners serve up Hong Kong style dishes using Western ingredients like peanut butter, hot dogs and scrambled eggs. You'll say Yum!in

  • Dim Sum Every Way

    We call this meal ``Yum Cha``, and we eat these wonderous small bites for breakfast or lunch, and everywhere! From dives, to fancy Michelin star restaurants we'll show you how to yum cha with the champions.

  • Buns Galore

    Hong Kong's bakery treats keep us going during our long fast-paced days. We'll sample the best from egg tarts to chicken pie to the famous ``Pineapple`` bun,

Only the best: All the places where we eat have been personally curated by us to make sure you’re experiencing the best of its class wherever we go. In between eating stops, we might take a breath to explore some terrific markets and walk some atmospheric backstreets, if you like. Since this is a private, custom tour, you control the pace. This is one of our favorite tours to do, and really will give you a thorough and personalized experience of the full range of eating to be found here in Hong Kong.


Be a Connoisseur: Any foodie tour can take you to eat a bowl of noodles. But when you’re with our experts, you’ll do more than just eat–with the help of our chef and food journalist hosts, you’ll get a full palate education. Learn to recognize the subtleties of preparation and taste, and the special ingredients that make all the difference between a bowl of noodles and bowl of sheer bliss. You’ll return home with a deeper understanding of what our cuisine is all about, explained by the people who are Hong Kong’s food critics, chefs and taste-makers.


Watch LAHK’s Daniel Cheung explain what makes a great Won Ton Noodle

Added Value: All our guests receive complimentary access to our Eating Concierge Service which includes our staff-written guide to Hong Kong dining and email access to our team for food-related questions.