Your Personal Hong Kong Connection

Our private Hong Kong walking and food experiences are designed for a special person. A person who wants more than a tour.

You’ve decided to come to Hong Kong. Or perhaps you’re living here already. You’ve read all the guidebooks, thank you. Maybe you’ve even joined a tour or two. But now you’re looking for something more than a sightseeing trip. You’re looking for someone to help you experience–and understand– all the flavors of Hong Kong.

You might be a food writer, foodie or culinary professional who wants to get straight to the best Cantonese food, and to the restaurants, noodle shops and street stalls that Hong Kong locals cherish. Or you might be a business person or executive contemplating a move to Asia, and you want on the ground insights into the history, architecture and politics of Asia’s most multicultural and cosmopolitan city.

You’d like to experience the authentic Hong Kong that tourists miss, get the inside lowdown on Hong Kong’s society, arts, culture and politics. You want to get to know Hong Kong’s modern architectural gems, and walk through ancient walled Chinese villages that remain standing among groves of urban high-rise apartments.

Maybe you just want to find out, for once and for all, what are all those strange dried things on sale in the Chinese market.

Well, you’ve just found your local connection.

Our director, Daisann McLane, has spent more than 7 years writing award winning articles about Hong Kong’s politics, culture and food. Her 2011 article, “Ghosts of Hong Kong” in National Geographic Traveler won top prizes from both the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Association of Travel Journalists.

Daisann explains Hong Kong to you. How it works. Why it is the way it is. With a sense of magic and wonder and enchantment that’s earned her loyal readers worldwide.

With Daisann’s help, you’ll discover a Hong Kong you’d never find on your own. An art deco tenement flat hidden behind a wall of skyscrapers. A political demonstration. The only courtrooms in China where the judges and barristers wear horsehair wigs. Regional Chinese cuisines you’ve never heard of before. The authentic 100 year old village hiding behind a touristy strip of restaurants.

The hidden gems you’ll discover

Hong Kong has an endless variety of amazing food that you’d have a hard time finding or ordering on your own if you don’t speak or read Chinese. Everything from braised goose webs (they are yummy!) to a cake made of a “thousand” delicate layers of tofu skin, to soup made of, yes, snake meat.

There are mountain paths leading to splendid Buddhist temples. Little ferry boats that head off to tiny, off-the map islands. Old coffee shops straight out of a Wong Kar-wai movie, and hidden restaurants that sell the best borscht this side of Moscow.

If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong–or if you are already here and settling in–and want to find out how to dig more deeply into this amazing city, pop us an email.

We’ll send you some ideas and sample itineraries. If you decide to work with us, we’ll follow up with more detailed and customized suggestions, so we can start planning your tailor-made Hong Kong experience, incorporating your interests and goals.

Our programs are all private–we don’t put together mixed groups of strangers.

And we believe in the sustainable, the small, the personal and local. We want you to experience, as much as possible, the authentic, daily life of local Hong Kongers, from the inside. That’s why–unlike our competition– we have a strict policy of accepting a maximum of 3 people in our client groups to ensure you have the highest quality experience during your time with us.

Email us today for more detailed information about our Little Adventures. We look forward to hearing from you.