Secret Streets of Hong Kong

Question: What famous Hong Kong tourist sites will you see when you come along with us on a Little Adventure in Hong Kong walking or food tour?

Answer: None. It’s not that we don’t like Hong Kong’s famous places–we do! We love riding the Mid-Levels escalator to the end, and then walking up to the Peak in the mornings. The number 6 bus ride over the mountains to Stanley still takes our breath away. We ride the Star Ferry whenever we need to go to Kowloon, even if it takes us longer than the train. And we’re sure you’ll love doing these things too.

But we’re not here to take you to places that you can find very easily on your own. We’re here to show you the secret Hong Kong you otherwise might miss: a place where, day in and day out, people work, shop, and carry on their lives. We’ll show you the real Hong Kong, explain how and where we live. And a lot of our living takes place not in the famous tourist sites, but on the humble, everyday streets.

Hong Kong flats (apartments) are small. Some don’t even have kitchens. So we squeeze all the space we can, wherever we can. On our walks, we’ll help you “see” this Hong Kong street life–from our streetside “living rooms” to our outdoor “laundries”. Little businesses that fit into a green box tucked between two skyscrapers. Restaurants that operate from a hot plate in an alley. Illegal, hand-made balconies precariously hanging from the sides of residential buildings.

Along the way, using the streets as our laboratory, we’ll tell you Hong Kong’s story–how it started, how it’s built, why it is the way it is (and, for you foodies, why its wonderful cuisine has evolved the way it has).


We’ll also show you what’s left of the old downtown, the low-rise “Tong Lau” or Chinese buildings where regular Hong Kong families lived a village life in the urban centre. These neighborhoods are disappearing fast–better come see the streets of Hong Kong with us soon! Email us today to find out how to start your own Little Adventure in Hong Kong.