The 12 Best Art House Cinemas in Hong Kong

We’re extremely lucky to have the multi-talented Paul Karl Lukacs on our Little Adventures in Hong Kong team. Paul’s an entertainment lawyer who also happens to be a fan and thoughtful critic of international cinema (which includes classic Hong Kong film, of course). How big a fan is Paul? Well, let’s just say that some of us choose a Hong Kong neighborhood to live in based on its transport and shops, but Paul chooses where he lives based on the proximity of a good movie theater!

Paul’s just put together a wonderful and very handy map and guide to Hong Kong’s best art cinema movie theaters, and we’re delighted to share it with you. Whatever you are looking for in a movie theater–from a serious comfortable place to see the latest Cannes prizewinners, to a very local, bustling place where you can bring a bag full of fried dumplings and eat them while geeking out over an old Wong Kar Wai flick like Ashes of Time (pictured here)–it’s on Paul’s map, with pithy commentary too.

A confession: Hong Kong movies were the lure that drew us to this great city in the first place. We loved cinematic Hong Kong before we even set foot in the place, and we never tire of walking the streets to find the “real” locations that we first visited on the silver screen. If you come on a walk with us, and you want to see Hong Kong through a cinematic lens, just let us know. It’s one of the many ways that we can customize your Little Adventure in Hong Kong.