We Win Prizes

Just as we were running out to eat dim sum today, we got word that “Ghosts of Hong Kong”–our March, 2011 National Geographic Traveler article about walking the back streets of Hong Kong–was awarded a Gold Prize in the annual competition of the Society of American Travel Journalists.

It’s always great to win a prize, but we’re especially happy about this one, since this article is based on one of the most popular walking tours we give to our guests, around the back streets of Central Hong Kong.

From the judges’ comments:

It is easy for the unknowing to reduce Hong Kong to simply a former
British colony or modern-day banking and financial center, but that
would be a mistake. “Ghosts of Hong Kong” tells us why the city is much
more than skyscrapers and glitter and what the future may hold for older
neighborhoods. Paragraph by paragraph it is simply excellent writing
about culture and travel and enchantment.

Those of you who’ve been out walking with us know that these old parts of Hong Kong are threatened by commercial development. (That’s a really good reason to book that trip to Hong Kong sooner rather than later!)The lovely, evocative old Chinese neighborhoods are slowly disappearing.

Little Adventures in Hong Kong began because of a wish. We wanted to help save these areas by passionately introducing them to others.

Winning a prize for something we believe in is a great gift, indeed. But our best prize is the thrill of hearing our clients say to us, as we slip into a smoky temple, or duck down a back street fragrant with musky herbs and dried fish smells, “Amazing! I had no idea this was what Hong Kong was like!”

We hope that we’ll be able to introduce you to some of these extraordinary old streets and neighborhoods the next time you come to Hong Kong.